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What Is PSSR?

As we know, the Personal Property Securities Register or PPSR functions as Australia’s exclusive official database of secured property. It acts as your primary means to register your business security interest over property and guarantee the acquisition of the complete title and ownership. By using this register, you can avoid unintentionally buying a property that someone already claims.


What Is A PPSR Report?

The PPSR is the official government registration that provides information safeguarding consumers looking to purchase registered assets such as cars, aircraft or even marine vessels.

A PPSR report provides essential information one would want to know when purchasing a used or secondhand car privately or through a dealership. It includes information like:

  • registration and vehicle details 
  • write-off history
  • financial status
  • accident history
  • stolen vehicle check

This report can be generated for a nominal fee and is delivered instantly via email.

Is PPSR Check And PPSR Report The Same?

No, though they sound relatively the same, a PPSR check and a PPSR report are not the same.

A PPSR check is the process of searching to determine if any existing security interests are registered against a particular personal item or property. It provides information on whether the property is encumbered or subject to existing claims.

On the other hand, a PPSR report provides a comprehensive summary of the search results from the PPSR. It includes details of registered security interests, the parties involved, and the type of property affected. A PPSR report provides a more detailed analysis of the search results and may include additional information, such as verification statements and registration details.


When Should I Do A PPSR Search?

In addition to checking if you’re purchasing a car with any outstanding debts, you should also consider conducting a PPSR search if you are:

  • Purchasing an aircraft, boat or a large vehicle from a private seller
  • Buying used equipment or machinery from a business
  • Purchasing anything that may be used as collateral
  • Dealing with a seller that uses stock as collateral
  • Investing in an individual or business
  • Offering a loan or extending credit 

Conducting A PPSR Search On A Car Or Motor Vehicle

A common and important usage of the PPSR is to check if a car is in-debt or encumbered at the time of sale. The buyer assumes full responsibility and risk when purchasing a car at a private sale, so the PPSR ensures that they clearly understand what they are purchasing.

The ideal way to conduct a PPSR search depends on what you’re looking for. The PPSR on a car or motor vehicle can be found using the chassis or vehicle identification number (VIN number) or the car registration. It is worth noting that:

  • You must search by chassis number if the car was manufactured before 1989. This is the last six digits of your vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • If the car was manufactured after 1989, you could search using the VIN or serial number, as they will likely also be the same.


Remember, conducting a PPSR search is important when purchasing a car, vehicle or asset, as it helps make an informed decision and avoid any unforeseen issues. Do your due diligence and safeguard your investment by conducting a PPSR search today!

If you have more questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us at Verifiinspect.

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